The Ferrier Estate was one of Britain’s largest and most notorious examples of post-war system built social housing.

Developed in two phases from 1967 to the early 1970s and mainly constructed

from concrete panels, it was for many years referred to / viewed negatively as the archetypal ‘concrete jungle’.

Its brutalist architectural design - now very much out of favour, but once

seen as “a positive option for forward-moving, modern urban housing” –

developed into “claustrophobic, crime-ridden tenements”, becoming a typical

example of an ideology and practical approach that became synonymous with

crime and anti-social behaviour.

In 2004 a full-scale regeneration of the area was approved by the

government and in 2010 demolition and redevelopment of the Estate commenced.

Ultimately the images depict a failed utopian ideology and record an important, flawed, and fast disappearing vision.

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